• Study and Research

    for the development and innovation of natural products
  • Our Facilities

    2nd floor Research & Development Laboratories (LID) UPCH (North Campus).
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Natural Products Research Unit (NPRU) of the Cayetano Heredia University.


The UPCH, since its Foundation, on September 22, 1961, has opted for the higher education and scientific research of quality, becoming a leader in these fields.

Rosario Rojas MD,PhD

L´Oréal-UNESCO-CONCYTEC “For Women Science” (2008) Award to Dr. Rosario Rojas.

Members & Collaborators

Head of the NPRU

- Rosario Rojas MD,PhD


NPRU Members

- MSc. Candy Ruiz Martel

- MSc. David Condori Cruz

- Kirti Patel PhD

- Guillermo Santillán PhD


Collaborators from the Cayetano Heredia University

- M.Sc. Jorge Arévalo, Unidad de Parasitología Celular

- Dr. José Bauer, Unidad de Biominería y Medioambiente

- Lic. Denis Castillo, Unidad de Parasitología Celular

- Dra. Luz Caviedes, Laboratorio de Enfermedades Infecciosas

- Blg. Camilo Díaz, Departamento de Ciencias Farmacéuticas

- Blg. Irma Fernández, Departamento de Ciencias Farmacéuticas

- Ing. Gilma Fernández, Departamento de Química